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End of the Bolt

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We are making way for new fabric collections, so there is a need to start clearing some stock to make space on the shelves.

These are fabrics are measured and sold for what is left on the bolt at heavily reduced prices.

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The Remnant Basket

Have a hunt through our remnant basket, where you will find a treasure trove full of beautiful fabrics at bargain prices.

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Quilt Care

Accidents on your quilt can sometimes be hard to avoid. Melanie says there are a few products you can use to help clean a small stain that you are likely to have on hand in your cupboard.

●When spot cleaning, never use a product that contains bleach.

We recommend treating stains with:

●white vinegar or a quilt soap, diluted with distilled water - gently blot and not rub the stain, OR

●mix equal parts shampoo and water (just a couple drops of each), gently blot the mixture onto the stain with a soft, clean cloth or very soft toothbrush.

We hope that helps. x

Quilt Storage Tips

Here are a few handy tips from Melanie on storing your Quilts.

The best way to store your quilt is to

:● Wrap in clean cotton sheets or muslin bag.

● Fold the quilt so the back faces out.

● Use as few folds as possible.

● Protect the folds from becoming permanent by crumpling up cotton off-cuts or acid-free paper and tucking into the folds as cushion.

● If being stored for extended periods of time, re-fold the quilt every few months.


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