DIY - No Sew, No Glue - Panel Wall Hanging

DIY - No Sew, No Glue - Panel Wall Hanging

This Wall Hanging is the perfect DIY for that Panel you've fallen in love with but can't quite figure out what to use it for. Quick and easy this DIY will take you no time at all, and you can even change the Panel out as no Glue is used!

Step One : Collect Your Materials


For this project you will need:

With your materials all gathered its time for...

Step Two : Measuring Your Canvas

It's always a good idea to measure out your canvas, even if the packaging already tells you the size. This is because we will be cutting fabric later and don't want to cut too much off. Always remember to double check your measurements, NO MATTER WHAT!

canvas-wall-hanging-fabric-panel-DIY-blog-measure-trintarabee-quilting-1   canvas-wall-hanging-fabric-panel-DIY-blog-measure-trintarabee-quilting-2

My Canvas measured 31cm x 31cm for the top, with a width of 4cm for the sides. Once again, make sure to double check your measurements.


Step Three : Choose What Part Of The Panel You Wish To Display

Going into the project you might already know what you want the focus to be. However it's still a good idea to wrap the fabric around the canvas, just to make sure you have enough fabric to safely wrap around. If you're still unsure then a good tip is to choose somewhere in the middle of the Panel, this is what I did and I had more then enough room.


I chose the Rabbit for mine, but if you're using the same Panel as me then the Owl and the Chicken will work just as well. 


Step Four : Fussy Cutting

Fussy Cutting can be a bit difficult if you've never done it before, so we will take it step by step.

Step One : Measuring The Top

As mentioned in Step Two the top of our Canvas is 31cm x 31cm, I'm going to add a centimetre to this just to be on the safe side. REMEMBER! You can always cut more off, but you can't add more back on!


From the centre of the Rabbit measure to the bottom end 16 cm's. Mark with your Marking Chalk. 

Then from the mark you just made, measure 32cm to the top of the rabbit. Mark with your Marking Chalk.

Repeat for the Left and Right sides. This should leave you with a 32 cm square with the Rabbit in the middle.

Step Two : Measuring The Sides

Don't forget the sides! A mentioned in Step Two the sides of my canvas were four centimetres, but like before I'm going to add 1cm for good measure.

I've also added another 5cm's so that I have enough fabric to wrap around the back of the canvas. 


To measure this properly measure 10 cm's out from the 32cm square. Make sure to mark with your Marking Chalk as you go. 

This should leave you with a 42cm square. This means you're ready for...

Step 3 : Cutting Your Fabric


Using you Rotary Cutter and Ruler (to keep your cut straight), cut out your 42cm square.

This means you're ready for...

Step Five : Folding The Panel Around Your Canvas

Put a pin through the centre of your Panel and pin it to the centre of your Canvas. You can add more pins if you'd like but if your careful then one pin is all you need.


Next carefully turn the canvas over and start neatly folding your edges in. If you aren't sure quite how to go about it, then a good idea is to think of it like folding a present.


Finally neatly tuck your edges under the wood of you canvas like so. You will also need to place your Backing Stops in. Your canvas should have instructions for this but if not, then find the slots in each corner. There should be 2 for a total of 8 slots. Place your wedges in those. If they feel to loose its a good idea to gently hammer them in.


Congratulations! We Are Done!


I really hope you enjoyed this DIY, I know I did. If you have any questions, ideas or just want to show your Canvas Wall Hanging then leave a comment down bellow!

Happy Sewing Everyone!

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