DIY - Sew A Pillow Using A Panel

DIY - Sew A Pillow Using A Panel

This Pillow Case is the perfect addition to any room! Better yet it's an awesome project for those looking for a quick project to go with their Quilt, or to use up a Panel they aren't quite sure what to do with. Quick and easy this design is awesome for any sewing level.

Step One : Collect Your Materials

For this project you will need:
With your materials all gathered its time for...

Step Two : Choose What Part Of The Panel You Want To Show

For me this was fairly easy, as all I had to do was pick one of three blocks. However you may have a more complex panel, so it might be a good idea to take a minute and think about what you want the focus to be.

For referance I will be using the top block.

Step Three: Cut Out Your Two Sides.

This was fairly straight forward for me as all I had to do was cut off the top block, making sure the entire black border went with it. For those with a more complex panel this may require Fussy Cutting. So make sure to measure and mark down your desired size before cutting.

I then squared out my block, making sure all edges were straight whilst writing down the measurement. Using this measurement I cut out the same size quare of my backing fabric.

Make sure to square up both sides, and check that they really are the same size. For those who want to make the same pillow that I have, then both sides should be 15 inches x 14.5 inches.

Step Four : Sew Three Edges Together


This step is pretty self explanatory but just in case.

Make sure to pin three of your four edges together, then sew along those edges either with a sewing machine or by hand.

I also reccomend sewing a quarter inch seam, especially if you are making the same pillow as me.

Step Five : Sewing The Zipper On

I reccomend doing this step one side at a time, especially if you arent used to sewing on Zippers. This is because they can get a bit fiddly so I find it easier to take it a side at a time.

Turn your Pillow Case inside out, then fold the top of decorative side down and pin the zipper to both layers of the fold. Be libiral with how many pins you put down as you want to advoid potential puckering. I also suggest closing the zipper, just to make sure you've pinned it the right way round. Accidents do happen and unpicking can be a pain.

Next change your machine foot to a zipper foot (ignore this if you're hand sewing). Now make sure your zipper is open and sew your zipper down as close to the edge as you can.


Repeat for the other side.

Congratulations! We Are Done!

Just insert your Pillow and you're ready to go. 

I really hope you enjoyed this DIY, I know I did. If you have any questions, ideas or just want to show your Canvas Wall Hanging then leave a comment down bellow!

Happy Sewing Everyone!
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