The Essential Tool Kit for Quilting

The Essential Tool Kit for Quilting

Like any hands-on project, having the right tools from the beginning goes a long way to a successful outcome.
When it comes to quilting, regardless of how big, small, easy or complex your project is, having the right equipment from the start will save you time and money in the long run.
Read on to learn what you’ll need to achieve a beautiful and lasting quilt.

The Essential Tool Kit

Before you start thinking about batting and fabrics for your quilt project, you’ll need some basic and essential tools to get started.

Quilters Ruler

Quilting Rulers are transparent and feature quilting-specific markings, which when used in conjunction with a Rotary Cutter, help to make accurate cuts.
These could be regular straight cuts, square offs, fussy cuts or unique shapes.

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Rotary Cutter

A rotary cutter looks like a pizza cutter. Its purpose is not only to accurately cut, but also to make cutting easier on the wrist. Because of it's signature round blade you dont have to put as much pressure as you would a box cutter, or other sharp blade. 
This tool is extremely sharp and for safety reasons should always be used in conjunction with a cutting mat and ruler.  Replace blades regularly.

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Cutting Mat

Cutting mats are essential as they protect the surface you cut on plus the material they're made of keeps the rotary cutting blade sharp. They can also be used as a guide to precision cutting, measuring large peices of fabric or making sure you've squared off properly.

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We recommend two pair of scissors – one large and sharp pair for cutting fabric and the other, smaller embroidery scissors reserved for snipping small threads You should also make sure never to use these scissor for anything other then what they are intended for, especially the fabric scissors. This is because the blade is designed for fabric and can be easily dulled by paper, or damaged by cardboard.

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You will need a lot of pins for all kinds of things. This could include, basting, marking or even just plain old keeping fabric together. Either way they are an essential for any sewer, Quilter or not.

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Seam Ripper

Even the most experienced quilters make mistakes!  The handy seam ripper is a small sewing tool you can use for cutting and removing stitches.

High Quality Thread

A quilt is only as sturdy as the thread holding it together. We recommend using a high-quality Poly Core, Cotton Shell thread. This is especially important when piecing because the thread is so fine that it doesn’t create too much bulk.

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Here at Trintarabee Quilting, we have everything you need for any type of Quilting Project.

Shop online to get started, or put a comment below!

Happy Quilting!

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