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Needle | BOHIN France - Applique Long Needle 10

Needle | BOHIN France - Applique Long Needle 10

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Pouch of 15 long needles for appliqué N°10.

Ideal for your patchwork work and for sewing beads. The appliqué technique consists of sewing pieces of fabric of different shapes by superimposing them on the patchwork to create a pattern. To do this, you will need a very fine needle. A BOHIN needle is unequaled perfection. There are two types of needles to apply: the short and the long ones, to be chosen according to the desired comfort and the habit of your hand.

Made in France in our factory, from nickel-plated steel, they go through 27 manufacturing steps, which guarantees them an incomparable glide and an irreproachable tip.

The numbering corresponds to the size of each of the needles, the N°9 being the longest and the thickest and the N°12 the shortest and the thinnest in each series of long or short appliqué.

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