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Matildas Own

Patchwork Template | Matilda's Own - Small Hexagon

Patchwork Template | Matilda's Own - Small Hexagon

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  • The Small Hexagon Set contains 9 pieces; from 1" to 5" in ½" increments

    There is a 1" hexagon, 1½" hexagon, a 2" hexagon, a 2½" hexagon, a 3" hexagon, a 3½" hexagon, a 4" hexagon, a 4½" hexagon and a 5" hexagon. 

  • The Translucent fibre optic plastic allows you to clearly view and cut the underlying fabric to a high degree of accuracy

  • The markings are digitally etched into the ruler to a 1/1200th of an inch accuracy

  • Laser engraved

Rotary cutting is made easy when you use the Matildas Own Rotating Mat and a small wheel rotary cutter!

Suits Matildas Own - VH011 Triangles, VH012 Diamonds, VH017 Lozenges & VH018 Squares

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