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Matilda's Own

Stabilizer | Matilda's Own - Aqua Web Plus

Stabilizer | Matilda's Own - Aqua Web Plus

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Matilda’s Own Aqua Web PLUS – Water Soluble Fabric Stabiliser

50cm wide – 9.1 Metre Roll

Matilda’s Own Aqua Web Plus is a fabric like stabiliser with an adhesive back to allow for hoop less embroidery.
It is perfect for lace embroidery, knits, small items or fabrics that should not be hooped.
Aqua Web Plus is soft and strong, yet completely dissolves and rinses away in water, leaving your projects soft and pliable.
Aqua Web Plus is suitable for embroidery and for use in art quilts by tracing a design onto the Aqua Web Plus and then quilting over it.


* First make sure your hands are dry before working with Aqua Web Plus.
* Cut a piece of Aqua Web Plus, larger than your embroidery hoop.
* Hoop with the silicone backing paper facing up, score paper with a pin forming an X, peel back the paper to expose the tacky back of the Aqua Web Plus.
* Place item to be embroidered on to the tacky back and embroider as usual.
* Once complete, place item in the water to dissolve.

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